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Legend Analysis: Midweek Market Picks

As the markets pause following a relentless rally last week, we take advantage of the breathing space to offer up some of our most important technical analysis of the moment:

  • A key indicative index has tested a correction and come out on top, with odds favoring a promising break up and out in the weeks to come,
  • Our detailed analysis of developed markets reveals a number of break outs, some at a buy juncture but others too far in to be recommended. We can highlight which will work for you,
  • A stock on the cutting edge of technology has been razor sharp since the turn of the year. It looks over extended, however, and is likely to be blunted by an extended sell pattern in weeks to come, making now a good time to sell up at the current premium,
  • Last week we had our eye on a popular retailer with potential to break out. In the intervening period the stock has both pulled back and gapped back up, showing strength and a continued buy signal as it prepares to push higher,
  • A commodity for the health-conscious is coming into a healthy streak of its own, flatting out from a bearish period that seems ripe for reversal to bullish form,
  • An exotic emerging African market has been less than alluring for some time given a slow and extended pull downwards. Its recent uptick has proven solidly bullish, though, and in meeting its moving 140 average for the first time this year we see an opening to buy before it torques up and out, 
  • A stock firmly rooted in the housing market recovery has been following its sector with a push to new highs, but is overextended and set for additional correction downards for a time, prompting a sell signal, 
  • Our detailed break down of US energy investment is too complex even to summarize here, but packed with potential and specific recommendations that we're happy to go over with individual investors.

To take advantage of these and other investment analysis opportunities give us a call on 877-317-7526.

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