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Legend Analysis: End of Week Picks

To close out the week, here's the pick of what we've been seeing from our technical analysis team:

  • One of the biggest names in general retail  is breaking out past previous highs, providing a solid buy juncture,
  • A bold wake up calls for a "soft commodity", hitting a low and ready to spin off the bottom of its bearish streak,
  • As energy stocks have been bullish in the U.S., indexes elsewhere are showing signs of burning out, performing under the moving 140 average and hitting a key juncture,
  • A global tech stock is retesting a recent break out but has a robust performance pattern that suggests a new break awaits, making this a buy juncture,
  • We track and provide regular updates on commodities, including the most precious metals, one of which is now following our prediction for breaking its downtrend and making a comeback,
  • A key emerging market has experienced a correction that pulls it beneath its moving 140 average, making a torque downwards the most likely next development,
  • Online retailer on a rollercoaster rise, as fluctuations move it from a sell juncture in February and back to a buy juncture this week. Another break upwards is expected next.


As always, for more information you can call us on 877-317-7526.

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