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Mobile Technology Boosts Business & Finance Professionals

Only a short time ago, the cutting edge of technology was a fairly exclusive club, reserved for the major players in the finance / business worlds. As smartphones, tablets, and software as a service has developed, however, a majority of professionals are now able to access the time and cost savings brought about by technological advances. 

A recent survey by AT&T found that 67% of small business users employed tablet computers in 2012, up from 57% in 2011. Add to this the fact that over 51% of Americans now use smartphones as their principal mobile device, and we see a clear shift towards greater technological access across the board.

Tablets are a relatively new type of computing device, but professional users have adopted the technology quickly, in part because the devices are portable, versatile, and comparatively affordable. Here we take a closer look at how tablet usage and the accompanying array of apps can change the way some companies do business.

Connect & Communicate

The ability to access the Internet from almost anywhere has helped create a more mobile workforce who may be as productive in the field or from home as they could be at the office.

Workers can use tablets to access key financial reports, make sales presentations, take notes, and collaborate with colleagues via video conferencing, email, or instant messaging. Professional users are able to respond to clients and meet customer needs more quickly and easily than ever before.

For the world of finance, where trading information changes rapidly and decisions are often made on the spur of the moment, this real time connection and communication can be a huge benefit.

Monitor & Manage

One widely adopted technology allows small-business workers to swipe credit or debit cards and process payments from tablet computers and smartphones.

Furthermore, a wide selection of financial apps focus on payroll, billing, expense tracking, account management, and general banking. Among other things, apps have been designed that can:

  • track and report stock movements, 
  • monitor customer transactions,
  • effect trades, 
  • back up and secure sensitive data, 
  • manage marketing and social-media activities, 
  • share documents and manage tasks/schedules.


Small-business owners and freelancers may also have access to a number of tools designed specifically for their industry.

As quite a new sector of technology, mobile capabilities are adapting rapidly and it makes sense to research your own specific business needs to find the tools that will be most useful to you.

For finance professionals especially, the information and productivity apps can be incredibly important. The Financial Social Media site has some helpful app recommendations to get you started.

How has technology expanded your professional abilities?

Let us know here in the comments or over on our Facebook page.

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