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Legend Analysis: Our Top Technical Headlines for the Week

We have several day's worth of in-depth technical analysis reports to summarize, so let's dive right in:

  • A recently upgraded medical stock has taken a turn for the better, looking positively bullish and after a previous heavy drop. Trading abover its moving 140 average, it looks set to break out and up,
  • Two niche financial services companies are setting up for high yield pushes upwards, both with yields over 11% expected,
  • An option trade is identified in the aviation sector, where we have recommended sell and buy price points,
  • A key index with significant impact on the overall U.S. economy shows indicators that it will recover soon from its bearish recent past,
  • We hit Vegas for a stock that we don't feel to be a gamble for investors!
  • A technology stock very much in the headlines this past week has varied outcomes for short and long positions. We let you know which we recommend. 
  • A financial services stock is trading well above its moving 140 average but seems unable to sustain the momentum, triggering sell signals,
  • A pharmaceutical stock trades consistently up and over its moving 140, suggesting value for further highs in the coming weeks and months, 
  • We continue to see a very bullish construction to many major stocks, favoring longer term buys in many cases. Contact us for specific breakouts. 


All of the information behind these opportunities and more is available to review.

Just give us a call on 877-317-7526 if you have questions on how you can use our analysis reports.

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