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Legend Analysis: Market Picks Monday

Welcome to the new week!

Here's what our technical analysis team have in terms of headlines to propel your portfolio forward this week:


  • We have close access to a real estate sector trade that has been on the up for two months and shows no sign of stopping, trading now to the apex of past tops. Books close for this opportunity at 3:30pm today. 
  • A long bullish commodity experiences a correction that we believe to be benign, offering a buy juncture before it trades back into the expected uptrend, 
  • We explain the "Doomed House" of U.S. equities and the current indicators that support us in not subscribing to that perspective,
  • Key global indexes show off an unusual break out trend, with long term implications for a variety of world markets, 
  • Sudden changes in energy sourcing prompt us to look at a key index that is turning bullish,
  • A prominent communications sector spins off the bottom, ready for a rally and hitting a buy juncture,


To learn more about these and other investment analysis opportunities, just give us a call on 877-317-7526.

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