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Legend Analysis: This Week's Technical Highlights

We always like to close out the week with the most significant of our technical market analysis team's news alerts.

Image Credit: Mike Lee (Click image for more)Below you will find the headlines for current market opportunities that we are reporting to our mailing list.

Get in touch with us on (877) 317-7526 to find out how you can learn more about these analysis updates, both now and in the future.

  • A major professional services consultancy is reliably trading over its moving 140 average and showing excellent signs of breaking out,
  • We continue to monitor the impacts of the rapidly changing energy picture in the U.S., with knock on effects to stocks in the transport, supply and logistics sectors,
  • A key related index is pushing up to yields of 6%, contrasting with the prevailing 2% of another major index,
  • Back to the transports and we have key news on a major shift in the direction of key indexes in the field. How should you react?
  • An in-depth review of commodities shows several metals at a buy juncture, but one in particular on which we advise caution,
  • Our analysis of a stock on everyone's mind is sending mixed signals to the markets but we have our own take, with implications for your portfolio,
  • A topic that has proven controversial in the U.S. recently is providing great potential over in Europe, setting up a promising buy juncture, 
  • A well know brand that recently broke out catches a high option volume in our latest chart analysis.

Have a great weekend everyone.

We will be back with more for your investment needs on Monday!

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