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Legend Analysis: Market Opportunities So Far This Week

The markets have started the week relatively quietly, but as always we have pulled plenty of opportunities from the piles of digital charts and patterns.

Here are the headline picks from our technical analysis so far this week:

  • An important freight index is in the process of a bearish to bullish reversal, moving away from its flat 140 average to an uptrend (and a resulting buy juncture), 
  • An education-related stock hits a breakdown pattern, with the heavy expectation of a fall bringing it to a sell juncture,
  • A high profile retailer hits a bump in the road but has great potential to rebound, leaving it ready for your move before its stock starts to torque up in price,
  • A key index hits a crucial decision point, with the strength of its biggest names suggesting potential to break out. We have suggestions for price points on an option trade for that scenario,
  • Our close look at major developments in the U.S. energy markets offers extensive insight into what we expect for the sector in the coming months, as well as where your investments are best placed,
  • On the global stage, we also offer our analysis on which markets are trading into extended growth and which look stuck in periods of sideways movement.

All of the information behind these opportunities and more is available to review. Simply give us a call on 877-317-7526 if you have questions on how to make use of our analysis.

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