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Legend Analysis: Market Opportunities This Week

We have another fresh batch of market analysis for you this afternoon, fresh from our technical analysis team.

For more Legend Analysis, click the picture or call us on 877-317-7526.

Here are the picks of the current patterns and stock trends:


  • A bearish-to-bullish reversal on a full asset class, as several stocks in the class turn to trade above their moving 150 averages,
  • A stock fit for most New Yorkers is now breaking out strongly and has a proven recent history, 
  • A consumer goods stock behind countless household name brands is pushing its moving average and looks set to break up and out above it soon,
  • An unexpected commodity break upwards catches everyone by surprise, prompting a sudden buy juncture, 
  • An energy stock spinning off the bottom of its downward moving average prompts us to recommend a schedule for an option trade, 
  • A troubled tech stock looks to be finally shaking off its bearish recent history and its turn upwards is set to continue into a bullish reversal, 
  • A stock behind many recognized foodstuffs is extended well beyond its moving 150, with a trim due very soon,
  • A detailed look at major international indexes shows which are ripe for backing and which should prompt caution,

To learn more about these and other investment analysis opportunities, simply give us a call on 877-317-7526. 


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