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Legend Analysis: Weekly Recap November 15th

The markets have been somewhat flat so far this week, but we still have plenty of insights and analysis to serve up for you.

Here are some headlines on what we're seeing: 

  • The communications sector provides an opportunity to get in on a bullish stock at a brief pullback juncture,
  • We suggest a schedule to take advantage of a bearish stock that has flattened out over an extended period, with a bullish streak suggested in the near future,
  • Following last week's highlighting of outperforming European markets, we have a specific country suggestion that has reached a buy juncture,
  • A major financial industry stock is pulling back from tops and showing signs of falling below its flat moving 150 average, alerting us to a sell juncture,  
  • We have a detailed suggestion for an options trade on one of the most sought after stocks on the market,
  • A stock with a downward breaking patternhas recently been upgraded, creating a solid entry point for shorts,
  • Our weekly analysis of the S&P 100 provides a timeline for an options trade,
  • A pharma stock pulls back after a solid break, with odds favoring that this retest will push back into more outperformance of its moving 150 average.

To learn more about these and other investment analysis opportunities, just give us a call on 877-317-7526.


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Reader Comments (1)

Shouldn't financial stocks (or better yet - don't financial stocks) pull back this time of year? Too much spending, too much movement in money and knowing where it all ends up tends to hurt financial stocks during the holiday season. But, in the first quarter, when things get sorted out, would they or the stock you mention here return to a buy?

November 18, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterBusiness Money Today

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