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Legend Analysis: Midweek Market Picks

Our technical analysis team has been running a lot of numbers this week.

Here are our headline summaries of the various investment opportunities and cautions currently on our radar:

  • Previously bullish stocks have been downgraded and are set for extended sell periods... we tell you which,
  • A property-related ETF hits a buy juncture with high yield potential, on which we have very specific advice for buy and sell schedules,
  • One of the hottest stocks of the year is deconstructed and holds implications for another major player in the field, which recently bottomed out and is predicted to rally again soon,
  • A major global consultancy hits a sideways trend, with important implications for its associated level of risk,
  • A commodity with a downward moving 150 average broke above that trend last month and is now showing signs of a reversal worth noting, 
  • A well known financial institution's stock appears bullish due to recent events but is likely to be overruled by its moving 150, which suggests it may be overextended.


We compile daily charts of stocks reaching buy and sell junctures, as well as deeper analysis of the summary points above.

To find out more, contact the team on 877-317-7526. 

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